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Synapse Video Management System: Convert, Record, Edit, Protect

Elements can be purchased as a package or as independent features that will work with the CDN of your choice.


Synapse Flash Video Player

The Synapse Flash Video Player supports the Wowza Media Server and Flash Media Server streaming platforms.

Synapse Multimedia so-wowza-flash 66
  • Categorized Play Lists with Social Networking Features
  • Supports Live TV and Video on Demand
  • Advertising Opportunities for Video, Banner, and Player Overlay Ads
  • Manage Store Products with Buy Now Links & Conversion Tracking

Video Stream Recorder (Flash Stream DVR)
Synapse Multimedia so-wowza-flash 67

The video recorder allows users to select a live video input feed and begin recording immediately or at a specific date and time. Once recorded, data is sent to a CDN or to the Synapse Flash Video Editor for further processing.

Flash Online Video Editor
Synapse Multimedia so-wowza-flash 68

The Editor is designed to give users the ability to create new clips by cropping a video between pairs of edit points and selecting images to associate with the clip before publishing to the CMS or CDN.

The flash editing system can be configured to work with any Content Management System (CMS) or CDN. The system works in conjunction with the Synapse Live Stream Video Recorder which can update the available list of videos in the Flash Editor.

Click here to view a demo

Media Converter (Transcoder Application)

The Synapse Media Converter Application runs on Windows Server 2003 server and utilizes the ON2 VP6 Engine. The Media Converter gives a system administrator the ability to set up multiple clients on a single media converter server allowing for custom settings for each client’s account set up on the system. Using On2 VP6 technology, the system will convert files to Flash or MPEG4. The system supports .avi, .dv, .mov/.qt, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .asf/.wmv, .flv, .mp3, .wav, and .wma.

Each account supports the following features:

  • Task Limit - Number of simultaneous files to be converted
  • Video Source – The source directory the application monitors for user submitted content
  • Video Target – The destination directory for the media file after the conversion process
  • Image Target - The destination directory for the image/screen capture file taken by the system during the conversion process
  • URL Invoke – The web service or URL the system invokes when the conversion process is complete. This allows the system to update the file status in the client’s application
  • Keep Original File – Yes or No
  • Visible on Load – Yes or No
  • Video Dimension Options
    • Use Source Video Dimensions
    • Maintain Aspect Ratio
    • Video Width and Height
  • Video Encoder Options
    • Encoding Mode – 1 or 2 Pass
    • Rate Control Mode – CBE or VBR
    • Bit Rate – User definable
  • Frame Rate Settings
    • Use Source framerate
    • Video Frame Rate – User definable
  • Audio Settings
    • Sampling Rate – 22050, 44100, 11025
    • Bitrate
    • Stereo – Yes or No
  • Audio Codec – MP3 or Raw/Uncompressed

Wowza Server Stream Protection Module

Synapse has developed a Wowza Server Plug-in that can be installed on any Wowza server that secures a rtmp stream.

  • When the flash player (client) requests a video, the player will send an encrypted string containing the username, password, site id, Client IP Address (for checksum verification) and video name to the Wowza server.
  • The Wowza server that receives the request will decrypt the string getting the Username, Password, Site Id and Users IP Address. The Wowza server will then communicate with a web service to validate the users account access. The Stream will only be sent to the IP address listed in the encrypted URL.
  • Since the Wowza Server will only send the stream to the requesting IP address in the encrypted URL, if the URL is stolen the stream will not work since the requesting client IP would be different from the IP in the encrypted stream.

Pseudo-Live Player and Scheduler

The Synapse pseudo-live player is a proof of concept implementation of "Live Channels" functionality. One can manage channels by uploading a program schedule for each channel through the database driven admin web interface.

  • Wowza server integration with a servlet container . When the Wowza server starts the web application server also starts with it.
  • Integrated server side Database support. When Wowza server starts, the database also starts with it.
  • Administrative web application to manage and serve Channels.
  • Client allows users to select a channel, the channel schedule and view the live channel stream.
  • Client driven implementation.